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4 Ways To Reboot Your Tesla To Help Fix Issues (Soft & Hard Reset)

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

If you want to know how to reboot your Tesla, this article provides you with four ways.

But first, when should you reboot your Tesla?

If you are experiencing software issues and bugs after installing any Tesla updates I would recommend you reboot your Tesla to fix the issues. 

On most occasions, the issues get resolved after rebooting.

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How do you reboot your Tesla?

The following are 2 different ways to reboot your Tesla:

  • soft reboot
  • hard reboot

What’s the difference between a hard and a soft reboot?

(Tesla soft reset vs hard reset)

A Tesla hard reboot completely disconnects the power from the computer systems, then restored it back before rebooting. You need to be parked when doing it.

On the other hand, a soft reboot does not shut down the entire vehicle but rather a specific component of the vehicle, such as the touchscreen. you can do it even when driving.

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How long does it take to reboot tesla?

Not more than 3 minutes.

Rebooting a Tesla takes just a few minutes when done right.

From experience, the longest it has taken me was 2 minutes 20 seconds for a hard reboot, and under 2 minutes for a soft reboot.

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How to soft reboot a Tesla?

Here are different ways of soft rebooting a Tesla:

1. Restart the touchscreen

This reboot only resets the screen. It can be done when the screen is frozen or acting funny.

So, how do you soft reboot a Tesla?

Hold down both the scroll buttons on the steering wheel until the screen goes black/off.

Once it goes off, release the buttons and wait for the screen to turn on automatically.

The screen will come back on in about a minute.


You can do this even when driving because as mentioned earlier it only affects the screen and does not power off the rest of the car.

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2. Log out of your Tesla app then log in 

This type of reboot has in the past helped me fix a few bugs. 

For example, I had an issue with my frunk and trunk not opening.

Logging out then into my Tesla app helped solve the problem.

Additionally, several Tesla owners have said that this method worked when they were unable to unlock their Tesla with their phone key.

So, you only need to sign out and then sign in to the Tesla app. This will reset the car and pair it back with the vehicle.

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How to hard reboot your Tesla

1. Power cycling the car (off/on)

This type of hard reboot is mostly recommended if you’re experiencing bugs or software issues after a Tesla update.

The following are steps in power cycling the vehicle:

  • First, shift to park.
  • On the screen navigation, tap the car icon.
  • Go to “Safety”.
  • Then tap the “Power Off”.
  • A dialog box will appear.

After this step, your car will turn off.

You then need to wait for 2 minutes before you can open the door, touch the screen or press the brake pedal.

Do not do the following after it goes off;

i) Do not open the door.
ii) Do not touch the touchscreen navigation.
iii) Do not press the brake pedal.

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There are also times when you may experience the same unusual behaviors, such as an unresponsive screen, even when you have not installed any update.

You should try powering cycling the car.

For example, after the Tesla V11 update, I experienced lots of issues that got solved after performing this specific hard reboot method.

Data from online sources showed that a vast majority of Tesla owners also noted similar issues after the V11 update.

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2. Factory Reset

I would highly recommend that you avoid this method unless you have tried all other methods, and have contacted Tesla before proceeding.

Factory Reset will erase all your personal information and will put all your settings back to factory settings.
But if you plan on reselling your Tesla, this type of hard reboot would be the way to go.

How to Factory Reset your Tesla

  • On the touchscreen navigation, tap the car icon.
  • Go to service.
  • Then tap the “Factory Reset” option.
  • A dialog box will appear, where you will sign in with your Tesla account email.

Lastly, if all these methods don’t fix your Tesla issues, contact Tesla.