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Is Tesla Ceramic Coating Worth It? (Read This Before Applying It)

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

Ever since ceramic coating became popular, there have been all sorts of marketing buzzwords that revolve around ceramic coating.

Many Tesla owners are hence faced with a dilemma of whether or not to coat their tesla.

To help you make a decision, we are going to cover the following in detail:

  • When the ceramic coating is worth it and when it’s not
  • Ceramic coating alternatives

NOTE: This article provides an unbiased opinion that is based on experts in the automotive industry, our experiences, and that of other Tesla owners who have used the ceramic coating on their cars.

When is the ceramic coating worth it?

The following are the reasons why a ceramic coating is worth it

1. If you want your car to look glossy and new

If you see an old car that still looks new from its shiny paint, chances are it has a ceramic coating.

Likewise, if happen to spot a Tesla that appears to be super clean and has a great glossy look, then chances are it has the ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating totally makes sense if you love cars or want to see your car looking glossy and new.

2. If you are looking for protectants that will last longer

When it comes to protectants, you normally have three options: wax, sealants, and ceramic coating.

But when it comes to durability, the ceramic coating will last longer than the wax, and sealants.

At the end of the article, I will give you the difference between the three protectants because they all have their benefits.

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3. If you want to be cleaning your car quick and easily

Vehicles with ceramic coatings are much easier to clean and stay clean for longer.

The car stays clean for longer because the ceramic coating is quite repellant to dirt, bugs, and so on. Additionally, this feature makes it easier to clean it.

NOTE: the ceramic coating is not 100% repellant to dirt and bugs.

4. If you are going to DIY the ceramic coating

Applying the ceramic coating can be quite expensive, especially when done professionally. You may end up paying excessive labor costs. 

In most cases, most of the cost will go to the labor, and that is what makes ceramic coating a Tesla expensive.

Fortunately, this is something that you can do at home in your garage to save on the expensive labor costs.

The following are a few things to note if you decide to DIY the ceramic coating:

  • You need to take your time. Most people who have done it as a DIY reported having taken at least 8 hours to complete the whole process.
  • Get the right tools. Some of these tools include a ceramic kit and a good clay bar. This could cost you just about $100, depending on the brands you choose to go with.
  • You need to have the confidence to do it.
At the end of this process, you will understand why the labor cost is expensive. I highly recommend that you utilize online video tutorials.

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Disadvantages of doing a DIY ceramic coating

  1. If not done right, it may lead to paint issues on your car. I recommend watching lots of online video tutorials before you start your DIY.
  1. It takes so much of your time.

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5. It transforms an old car’s exterior look

The good thing about ceramic coating is that it can be done on both new and old cars. 

However, doing it on an old car will cost you more than on a new car because of paint correction, which will depend on how bad the car’s paint is.

The paint correction is done to remove any swirl marks on the car before applying the ceramic coating.

Additionally, it is time-consuming when done on an old car compared to a new car due to the extra steps needed when applying the ceramic coating on an old car. This explains why you end up paying more.

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Reasons why ceramic coating your Tesla may not be worth it

1. It does not offer 100% protection for your Tesla from scratches, rocks, and debris

If you go for a ceramic coating thinking that your Tesla will be free from scratches (and that its body armor) you could end up disappointed.

It is unfortunate that most people misunderstand what ceramic coating really is. This is because there is a big misconception that it offers protection from scratches, debris, and so on.

2. If you are not going to be keeping the car for more than 2 or 3 years

If you are not going to be keeping the car, then it will definitely not be worth it. 

3. The ceramic coating does not last forever

Ceramic coatings have different life spans, depending on the brand, but none of them last forever.

Additionally, in order for the coating to last longer, it will need proper maintenance.

4. If you only wash your Tesla at the car wash

The proper way to wash a car that has a ceramic coating is by hand washing it and only using a good car wash soap that is not too harsh on the ceramic coating.

This explains why taking to the car wash may not be a good idea.

NOTE: CARPRO Reset Car Shampoo is the best car shampoo for cleaning a car that has a ceramic coating.

We have a more detailed article on the Best Way To Clean A Tesla.

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Ceramic coating alternatives

There are 2 ceramic coating alternatives.

  • Wax.
  • Sealant.

The difference between wax and sealant vs ceramic coating

Wax & SealantCeramic Coating
They are cheaperIt is more expensive than wax and sealant.
They are not very thick like the ceramic coatingIt is thicker and glossier than the wax and sealant.
They have a lesser life span. Most of them just last a few months.They have a longer life span. Can last for years.