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Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range with Acceleration Boost

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Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Rose Morah

If you are torn between Model 3 Performance vs Model 3 Long Range Acceleration Boost (AB), you are in the right place.

In this article, I will be giving you the speed differences based on our tests, our take on the prices, and our final thoughts when comparing the two.

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What’s the speed difference between the Model 3 LR + AB vs Model 3 Performance?

The table below shows the 0-60 mph time comparisons between the two after we tested the two:

Model 3(0-60 mph)
Long Range 4.2 seconds
Long Range + Acceleration Boost3.7 seconds
Performance3.1 seconds

NOTE: When you get the Acceleration Boost, your acceleration choices will change from Chill and Standard to Chill and Sport.

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Our take on the performance of both models

  1. The Model 3 Long Range + acceleration boost and Model 3 Performance are equally very fast. However, Model 3 Performance is still the fastest.
  1. Once you upgrade the Model 3 Long Range with the acceleration boost, you tend to feel the difference immediately because it’s massive. The car becomes very fast! 
  1. The Model 3 Long Range + AB is fun to drive on the mountain/curvy canyon pass roads.

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Our take in terms of price

I believe the Acceleration Boost is a great deal for people who are interested in the Performance Model (mainly because of the speed) but find it to be expensive.

If you are that person, getting a new Long Range version + Acceleration Boost can be great for you.

Additionally, it increases the vehicle’s value and you get something that’s closer to the Model 3 Performance.

Hence, you don’t have to buy the performance model, if it’s too expensive for you.

For example, at the time of writing this post; 

  • The new Model 3 Long Range base price is $47,240
  • The Model 3 performance base price is $53,240
  • That’s a $6000 price difference
  • Acceleration Boost is $2000. The difference will be $6000 – $2000 = $4000.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether or not $4000 is worth saving.

Take Note: This applies to people who don’t really care that much about the Model 3 Performance features that are not on the Long Range version.

How do you check if your Tesla has Acceleration Boost?

There are two ways to check whether or not your vehicle has received the Acceleration Boost upgrade after purchase:

  1. When you navigate to the “Pedals & Steering” section, you will see that your acceleration choices have changed from Chill & Standard to Chill & Sport.
  1. The Acceleration Boost should be listed on your list of features.

So, you will need to go to “Controls” and then to “Software” where you will see a list of features and it should appear there.

Final Thought

We were so impressed with the combination of ride quality, range, and power on both the 2022 Model 3 Performance and Long Range versions. 

However, we strongly felt that the Model 3 Long Range with speed boost has the best combo of both fun and comfort.

But if you are a real speed junkie, the best option for you would be the Model 3 Performance. You won’t regret it!