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Does Tesla Autopilot Use More Battery?

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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Rose Morah

If you are wondering whether Tesla Autopilot/FSD uses more battery during a road trip, we have provided detailed information about that in this article.

From experience, we discovered that we were getting more battery efficiency when the autopilot was engaged than when not using it. However, this was vice versa in some cases.

So, curious to find out what other Tesla owners reported when it comes to their battery efficiency when autopilot is engaged, we decided to conduct an online survey.

The results that we got were quite interesting.

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Feedback received from the Tesla owners

  • Some Tesla owners reported better efficiency when using Autopilot/FSD.
  • Some Tesla owners were getting better efficiency when they were not using Autopilot/FSD.
  • Some did not see a difference when using either of them.

So, does Tesla autopilot use more battery?

That depends on the driver.

Based on the data collected from the participating Tesla owners, we found out that driving habits and other factors played a significant role in battery efficiency when driving with or without the Autopilot.

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How driving habit affects battery drain when using Autopilot

  1. Tesla owners who may be termed as fairly aggressive drivers reported getting better battery efficiency when on Autopilot.
  1. On the other hand, Tesla owners who were not aggressive drivers reported not getting better efficiency when on Autopilot.
  1. From experience, we found that changing the car distance gave us better efficiency when on Autopilot because it makes the regen pretty good.

For instance, when we set the car distance to 5 and drove on the freeway with traffic, we noticed that our efficiency improved.

My recommendation is to test different car distances when driving to find out which one works best for you. Remember to factor in the different driving conditions when comparing.

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Do the cameras and sensors drain the battery when driving on Autopilot?

No. The cameras and sensors do not drain the Tesla battery when on autopilot.

This is because they are always running in the background whether Autopilot is engaged or not. This also explains why autopilot will instantly engage when turned on.

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Final Word

If you have a very low battery charge left on your Tesla, that seems like it won’t manage to take you to the next charging stop, I would recommend you avoid using Autopilot and reduce your driving speed. On most occasions, this has always helped me to arrive at the next charge stop.

All the best!