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Is Tesla Acceleration Boost Worth It? (Our Honest Review)

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Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Rose Morah

Wondering whether the $2k Tesla Acceleration Boost is worth it? 

Well, this article will help explain why it may be worth it for some Tesla owners but not for others.

NOTE: The Acceleration Boost is only available in the long-range Model Y and 3.

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Is the Acceleration Boost worth it?

That depends on how much you like acceleration and how much $2k is to you, to see its value.

If you have a ton of questions about the upgrade, then you’re lucky because this article has more information about that to help you decide whether or not to upgrade.

This article is divided into two sections:

  • Who is more like to find the Acceleration Boost worth it
  • Why some Tesla owners feel it is not worth it
The information provided in this article is purely based on the feedback of other Tesla owners who have the Acceleration Boost and on our own experience.

But why should you trust us?
1. We have purchased and tested it on both our Model Y and Model 3.
2. We keep our recommendations meticulously updated.
3. We regularly communicate with many other Tesla owners and experts for more updated information about the Acceleration Boost on newer and older Tesla Models.
4. EVsguy.com is a well-regarded website in the EVs industry.

According to a recent survey, 80% of Tesla owners who have this upgrade don’t regret getting it, and that’s because of the reasons provided below. 

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Who will find the Acceleration Boost worth it?

  1. Real speed junkies

If speed and driving fast are your thing, the Acceleration Boost will definitely be worth it.

That’s because this is purely a luxury option that will make sense if you are a real speed junkie.

However, if you are not, I will tell you for free that it can go from fast to scary.

Some Tesla owners who had it but changed their minds afterward felt like the acceleration was brutally fast!

Additionally, if you don’t often floor the accelerator, you may not find it worth because you will barely use it. In other words, the $2k will be going down the drain.

Our Experience
We have two Model 3’s, one has the boost package and the other one does not have it.

When you drive both cars, you can easily tell there’s a massive difference!

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  1. People who are looking for a cheaper option

Well, if you are interested in buying a Performance Model but can’t afford it, or regret not buying a Performance Model, you can go with either the Long-range Model Y or 3 then get the Acceleration Boost.

This may help you save a few thousand dollars. The results are also worth it. It might not be as fast as the Performance Models but it does get you closer to a fraction of the cost.

For example:

Model 3 Long Range base price is $47,240 and that of Model 3 performance is $53,240. A $6000 price difference.

Then go ahead and add the Acceleration Boost for $2000. 

The difference will then be $6000 – $2000 = $4000 and still get to enjoy fast and exciting speed.

You will end up saving $4000, money that you can use to buy Tesla accessories.

Of course, the price of the car will depend on when you are buying it.

  1. People who are coming from an ICE car will find it less costly

For you to modify an ICE car for speed, you will definitely have to spend more than the $2k that Tesla is charging for the Acceleration Boost.

Personally, I have spent way more on our ICE cars when it comes to performance. That means that to take 0.5 sec off an ICE car you will have to spend more than $2k.

  1. People who want to upgrade their old cars

If you have reached a point where you feel like your long-range Tesla is not as fast and exciting as the day you bought it, the Acceleration Boost will do the magic.

That’s because the difference is immediately noticeable, and you will also feel like you have bought a new car that is extremely fast.

Reasons why the Tesla Acceleration Boost may not be worth it

Most Tesla owners who opted out before the 48 hours refund period felt that the speed was not practical or useful.

That’s because they felt the Long Range Model 3 and Y were already fast and quick for daily commutes.

Therefore, adding the Acceleration Boost only made it faster than it really is, and that wasn’t practical for them.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re not a speed junkie or don’t regularly floor the accelerator, you may not find the Acceleration Boost useful. 

Other reasons why the acceleration boost is not worth it

Some owners fear the car’s components might start wearing out faster (including the tires) because of the hard acceleration.

Others opted out of the upgrade because they live in a cold climate location that will be almost unusable for most time of the year.

Still unsure of whether or not to get the Acceleration Boost?

Well, I would highly recommend you take advantage of the 48-hour refund window.

This way you can buy the Acceleration Boost and try it out for yourself, then cancel it within the trial period in case you find it not worth it.

This is only one time. The next time you choose it after canceling, there will be no going back. For more information on this be sure to check that out here.