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Pros and Cons Of Owning A Tesla

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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Rose Morah

Tesla is known to have very loyal fans. There is little the tesla fanboys don’t like about the car.

But, does this mean that they find no flaws in this ‘perfect car’?

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of owning a Tesla.

Pros of owning a Tesla

The following are the advantages of owning a Tesla:

1. You get the pleasure of driving fast

Tesla is well known in the world of EVs for its fast acceleration. 

Therefore, if speed is something that you are looking for in an EV, Tesla will definitely offer that.

According to most Tesla owners, this is actually one of the best things about owning a Tesla.

2. It is great for long road trips

What makes Tesla great for long road trips?

  • It has an impressive range.

You can cover more miles before you stop for a charge.

  • You get faster charging.

Tesla has got faster-charging capabilities which makes it stand out from its competitors. 

This is great when going on long road trips because it means that you will not spend so much time at the charging stops.

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  • It is easy to plan a road trip with a Tesla.

This is made possible by its in-built route planner.

You only need to add your start point and destination and it will give you the best route, charging stops, and charging time estimates.

This will help you plan a successful road trip.

  • Autopilot makes a long road trip easier

Driving on Autopilot on long trips makes the trip much more relaxing and less exhausting.

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  • It is enjoyable to drive.

Tesla comes with enough legroom and headroom. It also has a top-notch navigation touch screen. These features make it enjoyable to drive.

Additionally, it is fun to drive the car, especially when on Autopilot.

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3. You can sleep in the car

Tesla is a great car to sleep in. You will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in the car.

You only need to fold the seats flat, set up your mattress, and turn on camp mode for a good night’s sleep.

I have done this before and it was a worthwhile experience.

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4. Its mobile app is very convenient and reliable

Through the Tesla mobile app, you can conveniently control most of the car functions from your phone. 

Some of the things that can be done via the app include:

  • Setting climate control before getting in your car.
  • You can use it as a phone key, to lock and unlock the car.
  • You can schedule an appointment with the Tesla Mobile service through the app.
  • You can check your charging status and so on.

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5. Cargo space

Tesla has reasonable cargo space.

It has a frunk and a trunk which means more storage space.

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6. Has a ton of software features

I personally love the fact that Tesla has got so many creative software features that makes the whole experience of owning it fun and interesting.

Some of the popular software features include dog mode, sentry mode, dashcam, camp mode, and my favorite, boombox/ fart mode (which will no longer be available when the car is in motion after the Version 2022.8.2 update).

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7. Frequent software updates

Tesla regularly updates their software for improved user experience.

Tesla is always releasing software updates that unlock other new interesting features.

I am always looking forward to something new after every software update.

Their main aim is to improve the user experience.

The good thing is that they release software updates that even the old Tesla cars can benefit from.

So, these updates are not just for the newer Tesla Models.

You have probably noted that there are EV automakers who rarely release software updates.

Most of them will even force you to upgrade to their newer models to get the new software features.

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8. They have their own charging networks

If you own an EV with a low range, I am sure you know how stressful it can be to go on long road trips especially, if you are relying on public chargers.

However, when it comes to Tesla, they have superchargers in almost every location.

And to top it up, they are more reliable and less complicated than other EV charging networks (at least for those who live in the US).

You’ll rarely find broken superchargers.

You only need to plug in the supercharger and it automatically connects to your car.

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9. It has built-in safety features

Tesla is among the safest EVs to drive today because they are engineered with safety in mind. 

According to IIHS (The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety), Tesla Model Y has the highest possible safety ratings.

Additionally, Tesla believes that the Model 3 has the lowest probability of injury compared to other cars.

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10. You can schedule home repair services

The thought of not having to leave your home to take your car for repairs sounds great.

Tesla offers you exactly that through the Tesla Mobile Service.

You can schedule an appointment through their mobile service app and have them come and work on your Tesla at home.

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Cons of owning a Tesla

The following are the disadvantages of owning a Tesla:

1. It can take time to get some repair parts for your Tesla

Well, in case you get into an accident or need some repair parts for different reasons, it might take you months to get them.

Hopefully, this will improve with time.

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2. Tesla regenerative braking

Most people who have not driven an EV before experience carsickness, especially when seated in the passenger’s seat. 

This is because of the regenerative braking.

However, with time most of them get used to it and the carsick feeling goes away.

3. The customer service is not that great

Some owners have complained about how impossible it can be to speak to a real person for assistance. This is because everything is done through Tesla’s mobile app.

Some also complain about how impossible it can be for the service centers in their location to pick up calls.

4. Tesla’s paint coat

Tesla’s paint coat is not that great interms of quality and finish. Sometimes, you might need to book multiple service appointments just to get it fixed.