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37 Tesla Voice Commands List 2023

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Last Updated on August 7, 2023 by Rose Morah

The following is a list of Updated 2023 Tesla voice commands including funny Tesla voice commands.

Car Temperature Voice Commands

  1. Turn on AC.
  2. Turn off AC.
  3. I’m hot – Tesla will adjust the temperature.
  4. I’m cold – Tesla will adjust the temperature.
  5. Blow me – this will set the AC on full blast
  6. Turn the fan to “7”.
  7. My butt is cold –  to turn on the seat heater.
  8. My feet are cold.
  9. My feet are hot.
  10. My hands are cold -it will enable the heated steering wheel.
  11. Turn off the steering wheel heater.
  12. Set temperature to x.

The car will set both driver and passenger climate settings to 72F

6 Funny Tesla Voice Commands

Funny Tesla voice commands
1.“My ass is cold” or “My balls are cold”To turn on the seat heaters.
2.“My girlfriend’s/boyfriend/wife/husband’s ass is cold”This will work for the passenger’s seat.
4.“Fold flappy bits” or “fold ears”To close the mirrors.
5.“Blow me”This will increase the fan by one increment.
6.“Open butthole”To open the charge port

Tesla Navigation Commands

  1. Navigate to <location> .
  2. Drive home.
  3. Go to “z” (navigation)

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Tesla Sentry Mode Voice Commands

  1. Keep summer safe – to enable “Sentry Mode”

Tesla Lights Voice Commands

  1. Turn on the dome light.
  2. Turn off the dome light.
  3. Fog lights on

Tesla Entertainment Voice Commands

  1. Play <artist/song> on Spotify.
  2. Open Netflix.

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Other Tesla Voice Commands

  1. Open glove box.
  2. Turn on the rear defroster.
  3. Open butthole.
  4. Check tire pressure.
  5. Call people “call wife”
  6. Set wipers to “x”.
  7. Fold/unfold mirrors.
  8. Unfold mirrors.
  9. Unlock the doors.
  10. Show energy graph.

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Tips for using Tesla voice commands

If you love using Voice Commands on Tesla, I would also recommend you use Siri commands to control your Tesla.

To use the Siri voice commands via your Tesla, you need to:

  • Ensure the Tesla app is installed on your phone (new IoS V4 Tesla app).
  • Ensure the Tesla app is running in the background.

Examples of Apple Siri voice commands for your Tesla:

  1. Hey Siri, do I need to charge the car?
  2. Hey Siri, what’s the charge level on the car?
  3. Hey Siri, open the trunk.
  4. Hey Siri, open the frunk.
  5. Hey Siri, lock the doors!