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Tesla Model Comparison: Which Tesla Model Should You Buy?

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Rose Morah

Want to buy a Tesla but you are torn between which Tesla Model you should get? 

This article will give you the Tesla Model comparison as well as tips for the Model that best suits you when buying a Tesla.

But first, we will start off with the buyer’s basic comparison.

Tesla currently has 4 models that are made and delivered to buyers.

These Tesla Models are:

  1. Tesla Model S

You choose between Model S and Model S Plaid.

  1. Tesla Model 3 

You choose between Model 3, Model 3 Long Range, and Model 3 Performance.

  1. Tesla Model Y

You choose between Model Y Long-range and Model Y Performance.

  1. Tesla Model X

You choose between Model X and Model X Plaid.

Cybertruck and Roadster are not yet in production. Their release date is still unknown.

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is the smallest and most affordable of the 4 Models.

Model 3 has also been Tesla’s best-selling model over the years.

Who is the Tesla Model 3 for?

Tesla Model 3 is for people who want an affordable Tesla and looking to maximize the amount of range power they get from an EV.

If you want to buy a Model 3 then the following are the pros and cons of the Tesla Model 3 that you need to be aware of;

Advantages of Tesla Model 3

  1. Model 3 is for buyers looking for an affordable Tesla.

This Tesla Model is the most affordable of all the Tesla Models.

  1. It has a glass roof that makes the interior look great. 

Disadvantages of Tesla Model 3

  1. Not great during the winter season.

If you own an electric car, you already know that its range normally gets affected during the cold seasons, especially in the winter season.

The same applies to Model 3. It gets a poor range during winter compared to the other Tesla Models.

To improve the range during winter, you can;

1. Park it in a heated garage.
2. Charge overnight.

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Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s most affordable SUV. 

This Tesla Model is a larger version of the Model 3 as they both share the most features.

Who should buy a Tesla Model Y?

Model Y is great for people who enjoy going on long road trips and camping, and those who have a large family.

Advantages of owning a Model Y

  1. Glass roof

Tesla Model Y comes with an all-glass roof. It starts from the front glass panels going all the way to the back seat.

This gives you and the passengers a great view of the sky.

The all-glass panel also makes the interior look bigger.

  1. Great for camping

Model Y comes with enough space to fit a custom-fitted mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep in the car.

To maximize your space when sleeping in the model Y, you only need to fold the rear seats.

The full glass roof gives you a great view of the sky at night.

Additionally, the camp mode makes sleeping in the Tesla very comfortable and relaxing.

  1. Safety

The Tesla Model Y is the safest SUV ever. It has earned 5 stars on all safety ratings from NHTSA and has the lowest roll-over risk.

  1. Spacious interior

The front seats of Model Y have sufficient space for the leg and headroom. So, even if you are tall, you will fit and drive the Model Y comfortably.

The cargo area is also spacious and has a small-item storage space underneath the cargo floor.


When ordering a Model Y, you have 2 options, to either go with the 5-seat option or the 7-seat option.

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  1. Towing Capacity

It offers a towing option that will easily fulfill your towing needs.

What’s the difference between Model 3 and Model Y?

Model 3Model Y
1.Comfortable, but Model Y is more comfortable on long drives.More comfortable than the Model 3 on long drives
2.It has a limited towing capacity.It has more towing capacity compared to the Model 3, which will cost you extra ($1000) when ordering.
3.It recharges faster than Model Y. According to Tesla, the Model 3 can gain up to about  175 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Does not recharge as fast as the Model 3. According to Tesla, Model Y can recharge up to about 162 miles of range in about 15 minutes.
4.RWD Model 3 has a 52kWh battery, while the 2021 Long Range and Performance models have an 82kWh battery.It has a 72kWh battery size.

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Tesla Model S and X 

Model X and S also share a lot of features and are also the most expensive Tesla Models.

Both models come with many great features and are definitely worth the cost.

Who should buy Model S?

You should buy Model S if you are looking for performance, especially when it comes to speed. 

Model S is built for speed and range.

This means it has the longest range and quickest acceleration among all the Tesla models.

Model S is the most luxurious Tesla Model in my opinion.

Who should buy a Model X?

If you are looking for an EV that will give you great range and speed but with lots of cargo /passenger space, then Model X should be your best pick.

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What’s the difference between Tesla Model X and Model S?

The table below shows the differences between the two Models;

Model SModel X
1. It has good cargo space.
Its cargo capacity is about 28 cubic feet.
It has a bigger storage capacity/space than the Model Y.
Its cargo capacity is bout 88 cubic feet
2.Charging 250 kWh.Charging 250 kWh.
3.It comes with a seating capacity of up to 5 seats.It is designed for more seating capacity of 5 to 7 seats.
4.Does not have a towing option, no towing hook, and hitch.
(Model S is not approved for towing)
It comes with a tow hitch that is capable of pulling up to 5000 lbs.
5.It has great features.It offers great additional features and upgrades compared to Model S.

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Tesla model comparison chart.

Which Tesla Model Should You Buy?

The following is a Tesla model comparison table that shows you what to expect from each Tesla Model.

FeaturesModel 3 
Model Y 
Model S
Model X
(EPA est.)
267 – 272 miles Model 3

334 – 358 miles Long Range

315 miles Performance
314 – 330 miles Long Range

303 miles Performance
375 – 405 miles Model S

348 – 396 miles Model S Plaid
329 – 351 miles Model X

310 – 335 miles Model X Plaid
Top Speed140 mph Model 3

145 mph Long Range

162mph Performance
135 mph – Long Range

155mph Performance
155 mph Model S

200 mph Model S Plaid
155 mph Model X

163 mph Model X Plaid
Acceleration 0-60 mph5.8 sec Model 3

4.2 sec – Long Range

3.1 sec* Performance
4.8 sec Long Range

3.5 sec* Performance 
3.1 sec Model S

1.99 sec* Model S Plaid
3.8 sec Model X

2.5 sec* Model X Plaid
N/B: This is the starting price without the added features.
$51,990 – Long Range

$58,990 – Performance
$55,690 – Long Range

$60,690 – Performance
Model S

$124,490 Model S Plaid
Model X

$121,190 Model X Plaid

N/B: These prices listed above are not fixed. They may change anytime. Check out the Official Tesla website for the latest price.

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Advantages of owning a Tesla

  1. Safety.

Tesla is made in such a way that makes it one of the safest vehicles on the road. 

Tesla has a low center of gravity because of the large battery pack that is under the floor.

This means that it has a low probability of injury in case of a crash.

Other Tesla safety features:

  • Airbag for the driver, passenger, front head, front side, and rear head.
  • Child safety locks.
  • Brake assist.
  • Electronic stability control.
  • Cross-traffic alert.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • Blindspot monitor.
  • Auto-leveling headlights e.tc
  1. Over-the-air updates

Tesla does periodic software updates to improve the user’s experience.

Their updates are very easy – over the air and only take a few minutes to install.

  1. Sentry mode

Sentry mode provides your Tesla with extra protection from its surrounding environment through its surveillance cameras. 

  1. A growing network of Supercharger

Tesla Superchargers are spread across many different locations.

  1. Autopilot

The Autopilot is one of the features that makes Tesla stand out from its competitors.

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Tesla model comparison frequently asked questions

Which tesla model is the best?

It depends on the buyer’s needs.

Each Tesla Model is designed to fulfill the different needs of different buyers.

These differences come in cargo/passenger space, performance, range, towing capabilities and so much more.

Which tesla model is the cheapest?

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest and the most affordable Tesla Model.

Elon Musk designed this car with affordability in mind.

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Which tesla model is the most expensive?

Tesla Model X and S are the most expensive models but Model X Plaid is the most expensive Tesla model.

Which tesla has the longest range

Of all the Tesla models, the Model S has the longest range. It ranges from 375 to 405 miles EPA estimates. 

Which Tesla has Falcon Wing doors

Model X has Falcon Wing doors.