List Of VW ID.4 Voice Commands

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Rose Morah

In this article, we have a list of Volkswagen ID.4 voice commands.

However, it is important to note that some of the voice commands may not work 100% all the time. Sometimes you may need to command some of them in a specific order or even use another word.

For example, if you say “Hello ID: My windows are fogging” and it doesn’t work, then you can instead tell it “Hello ID: Defog my windows”.

Additionally, for some voice commands to work you will require online mode and We Connect activation.

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The following is a list of VW ID.4 voice commands:

NOTE: For every command, start with “Hello ID:”

Voice CommandDescription
1.Set Temperature to (x°).
It’s too warm
I’m cold
It sets the cabin climate temperature to the degree you tell it. 
2.Set Seat Heater ON 1/2/3.
My feet are cold
It turns on the heater.
3.Set seat heater OFF.It turns off the heater.
4.Set the steering wheel heater ON 1/2/3.It turns on the steering wheel heater.
5.Set the Steering wheel heater OFF.It turns off the steering wheel heater.
6.What’s my charge?
What’s my consumption?
It will display the “vehicle” on the screen.
7.When will I arrive
8.It’s too dark.It opens the ceiling sun blind.
9.It’s too bright/light/
Open sun blind.
It closes the ceiling sun blind.
10.Navigate to POI (Point of Interest)
Navigate to …
Show me Navigation
Take me home
Take me to work
Drive to
It will display navigation in the infotainment.
11.I want to listen to Radio
I want to listen to frequency “x”
It will take you to the radio.
12.I want to listen to my media
Listen to music
It will display media.
13.Add track to playlist
14.Next track
15.I want to see my missed calls
16.Call “person x”
Call voicemail
17.Open Weather (app)It will open the weather app on the infotainment.

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