ID.4 RWD vs AWD: From Experiences of People Who Have Owned Both

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

If you’re torn between buying Volkswagen ID.4 AWD vs RWD, this article will help you make the decision.

The article may also be of great benefit to those buyers who may not get the opportunity to test drive both versions.

The information provided here is based on our experiences and feedback from other ID.4 owners who have owned both AWD and RWD ID.4.

The difference between ID.4 RWD and AWD

1. Performance (AWD vs RWD)

In terms of performance, we felt a slight difference between the AWD and RWD ID. 4.

This was the case with most people who have driven both. 

The following are some of the performance differences between the two versions:

The AWD gives you a more sporty feel than the RWD ID.4

If you are into sporty cars, AWD will be a good choice when compared to ID.4 RWD. 

AWD ID. 4 felt more fun and impressive to drive and was effortlessly fast compared to the RWD ID. 4. 

Additionally, the difference in power of both ID. 4. versions was very noticeable. 

AWD ID. 4 is slightly quicker at highway passing when you are comparing the two.

But although RWD ID. 4 is not quicker than the AWD, it is quicker than most ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) SUVs in the same class. 

This makes it fun and enjoyable to drive, especially if you are coming from an ICE SUV.

In general, the ride comfort in both AWD and RWD is great.


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Performance in poor conditions

When it comes to traction, I personally felt that they both delivered. 

The AWD ID. 4 gives you better traction in poor conditions. RWD also performs well in some poor conditions. 

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RWD ID. 4 has a better turning radius

The turning radius of the RWD beats AWD by far. 

Additionally, it has the best turning radius than most SUVs currently on the market. 

Overall AWD and RWD ID.4 performance

Both are very comfortable when driving on long road trips.

They both have comfortable seats,  better ride quality, and low road and wind noise. 

I also felt that they both are better for daily driving. 

NOTE: The American and European trims may have somewhat different suspension calibrations.

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2. Range difference (RWD vs AWD ID.4.) 

The RWD ID.4 gives you more range than AWD ID.4. However, from experience, the difference was not much.

Note: The lesser range in AWD ID.4 is a result of the two motors that give it more torque and hence more battery drain. 

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3. Towing capacity (AWD vs RWD ID.4 )

AWD ID.4 comes with a greater towing capacity than the RWD ID.4. 

If you will be towing a couple of bicycles or a smaller trailer then AWD ID4 will do the job.

4. Ground clearance (AWD vs RWD ID.4)

AWD has a slightly higher ground clearance compared to the RWD. The extra ground clearance is good for people who love going on camping trips. 

That’s because when driving on camping-ground roads, you will need a higher ground clearance AWD vehicle. 

5. The cost (AWD vs RWD)

The AWD ID4 definitely comes at a higher cost compared to the RWD ID.4. 

This is because, with the AWD, you get:

  • Heated windshield (also blocks out heat from sunlight). 
  • Higher towing capacity. 
  • Trailer hitch. 
  • More ground clearance and so much more.

Other things to consider when purchasing ID.4

Where you live also plays a role in determining which of the two will best suit you.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  1. If you live in mountainous or hilly terrains that rain or snow a lot

If that’s the case, then I would consider an AWD ID.4 for improved stability when driving in bad weather.

RWD also does perform well in light snow and rain. It is also pretty confident when driving in bad weather! 

  1. If you live or drive a lot in the city

You will definitely enjoy the RWD’s great turning radius if you live or drive a lot in the city.

  1. If you live in a place that gets extremely hot summers

The glass roof may end up being so uncomfortable. 

That’s because the hot sun will heat up the cabin through the glass roof and then the car seats.

Well, I found out that when it’s too hot, the heat from the sun will still penetrate even with the tint or the shade that the ID.4 comes with.

Summary of AWD vs RWD ID.4

1.The best option for people who are into sporty cars.Best for daily drivers who are coming from ICE cars.
2.It has a lesser range compared to the RWD.It has slightly more range compared to the AWD.
3.It has a slightly higher ground clearance compared to the RWD.It has a lower ground clearance compared to the AWD.
4.It has more towing capacityIt has a less towing capacity 
5. Best to drive on hilly terrains and on bad conditions because it gives you better traction.Performs well on light snow and rain.
6.The AWD costs more than RWD.

At the moment the following are the prices;

ID.4 AWD Pro 82kWh (gross) AWD starting MSRP is $46,295.

ID.4 AWD Pro S 82kWh (gross) AWD starting MSRP $51,295.

ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus 82kWh (gross) AWD starting MSRP $53,995.

NOTE: For the latest starting MSRP, visit the official website.
The RWD costs less than AWD.

At the moment the following are the prices ;

ID.4 Pro 82kWh (gross) RWD starting MSRP is $42,495.

ID.4 Pro S 82kWh (gross) RWD starting MSRP $47,495.

ID.4 Pro S Plus 82kWh (gross) RWD starting MSRP $50,195.

Final Word

I highly recommend test driving both AWD and RWD ID.4 if you are able to. This way you will be able to make a much better decision before ordering.

That’s because we are all different. For instance, you might get into a car for the first time and feel completely disconnected, or feel connected even though it does not have all the car features that you wanted.