Common Volkswagen ID.4 Issues Reported By Most Owners

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Rose Morah

What are the common issues experienced by most ID.4 owners?

Well, we researched to find out then listed them here in this article.

This does not mean that VW ID.4 is not a good EV. No EV is perfect!

Some of the ID.4 owners reported no issues. Others had issues that were eventually fixed.

Additionally, based on the feedback, no one reported any catastrophic issues that were life-threatening or left them stranded.

However, some have experienced issues that affected their confidence in the Volkswagen ID.4.

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Common VW ID.4 issues experienced by most ID.4 owners

VW Id.4 infotainment issues

This is not new. You may have experienced or heard of it. That’s because it’s quite a common issue that most ID.4 owners experience. 

Some of the infotainment issues include:

  • The screen not working
  • The infotainment keeps rebooting. Sometimes it can even reboot mid-drive. But at times the issue could be a bad USB hub or something else.
  • The infotainment can be a bit slow

However, the 3.1 software update fixed some of the infotainment issues.


Some of these infotainment issues or other issues may end up being solved by the updates from the latest infotainment software. 

Long delivery time

Most ID.4 buyers’ complaints in 2022 were about long delivery times. Some have had to wait for a year and still got no delivery!

However, this is a common issue affecting not only the ID.4 buyers but also other EV buyers such as Tesla, particularly those buying a new Tesla.

Brakes jamming unexpectedly

The brakes jamming unexpectedly for no reason is another common issue that the ID.4 owners face.

Most of them reported the issue mostly happens when they are either in very slow traffic or when parking.

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Other annoying minor Volkswagen ID.4 issues reported by ID.4 owners

  1. At times climate control can be a bit frustrating. 
  1. Android Auto connectivity can at times be unreliable.
  1. Audio issues, whereby you need to reboot the infotainment whenever you want to adjust the volume.
  1. At times driver detection can be unreliable. 

Some ID.4 owners complained that they tend to get a warning to put their hands on the wheel when it’s already there. 

Additionally, they get a red warning that the driver is not detected.

  1. At times the mobile app can be very slow and unreliable.
  1. Error messages that clear up after restart.

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In Conclusion

Apart from the feedback received from the VW ID.4 owners concerning the above issues, they all agree that the EV:

  1. Is fun to drive. 

They love the way it drives and handles.

  • ID.4 is worth the price.

It is a spacious EV and comfortable compared to other EVs in the market.

  • It has a reasonable range.