Pros and Cons of Volkswagen ID.4 Pro

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Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Rose Morah

If you are looking to own a Volkswagen ID.4 Pro, it is important to consider its major pros and cons beforehand.

This article will highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of a VW ID.4.

Note that, the experiences of owning any vehicle are vastly different.

This article will give you the top pros and cons based on the experiences of Volkswagen ID.4 Pro owners.


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Cons of owning Volkswagen ID.4 Pro

The following are the major disadvantages of owning an ID.4:

  1. A Slow Infotainment

Most ID.4 owners report experiencing issues with their infotainment.

The most common issue is how laggy the infotainment system can be at times, which makes it slow to respond. 

Additionally, most ID.4 owners feel like it is not the best and as fast as you would like it to be, especially when compared to its competitors in the market. 

There are also owners who claim that the infotainment settings are not very user-friendly.


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  1. The CarNet is unreliable

The CarNet app allows you to access several connected car features, vehicle’s overall health, battery status and so much more, from your smartphone.

But surprisingly, the ID.4 CarNet has received lots of negative reviews. 

Although most ID.4 owners agree that the ID.4 is a great car, they feel that the CarNet app needs some major improvements. 

Some of the common CarNet complaints include:

  • It can be pretty buggy hence they have a bad experience when using the app.
  • The app is limited. Apparently, most of the features that are in the CarNet brochure are not yet available.
  • Some feel like it is a waste of their phone space.

However, Volkswagen has promised a software update that will help improve the user experience on the app. 

Additionally, some owners who have already received software 3.0 for the 2022 Model, claim to be having a better experience with the CarNet app.

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  1. The backup camera hood is not that great

Another con that ID.4 owners complain about is the poor vision of the backup camera hood in the dark.

You’ll hence need to get an alternative backup camera hood for your ID.4. But this will, of course, depend on each individual’s needs.

  1. The ID.4’s built-in route planner is not quite reliable

If you are relying on the in-built ID.4 route planner, sometimes it presumes that you always want to charge up to your charge limit.

And apparently, it usually does not know how many chargers are on your route.

Therefore, you may end up skipping some chargers along your route. 

A Better Route Planner, Plugshare, and ChargePoint are some of the alternative EV route planners that you can use to map your charging route.

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  1. No auto-lock settings

The door of ID.4 automatically unlocks but cannot lock itself.

However, under some weird circumstances, the door tends to automatically unlock itself when you are walking by but then locks itself if you don’t open it.

Additionally, as far as I know, it has no setting that allows you to set a timed lock.

  1. Software updates are rare depending on your location.

ID.4 needs software updates in order to improve the user experience.

The European Models have been receiving more software updates compared to other locations.

ID.4 owners, especially from the US, claim a lack of software updates.

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  1. Schedule charging not working properly

Unfortunately, according to ID.4 owners, the charging schedule does not work correctly.

Note: You can opt for smart home chargers to help schedule charging during off-peak times.

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9 Pros of owning a Volkswagen ID.4 Pro

The following are some of the advantages of owning an ID.4:

  1. Reliable range

Volkswagen ID.4 exhibits a very reliable range on short daily trips as well as long road trips.

Most ID.4 owners who do short daily commutes say that they only charge it twice or even once a week.

Generally, Volkswagen’s ID.4 Pro range and its charging curve suit most owners’ needs.

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  1. It is fun to drive this EV.

One thing that really stands out about the Volkswagen ID.4 is how fun it is to drive it. 

But, why is it fun to drive the ID.4 Pro?

  • Unlike most other EVs, including Tesla, the ID.4 is so much quieter. This means you don’t get to hear that annoying road noise.
  • It offers a very smooth ride.
  • It amazingly handles narrow city streets and is great when navigating through the parking lots. This is also because its steering is precise. 
  • It hugs the curves very well.

3. It is a super comfortable EV.

Immediately you begin driving this car you will automatically notice how comfortable it is to ride in it. 

What makes the ID.4 super comfortable? 

  • It has very comfortable soft seats.
  • The front seat massage makes a long road trip amazing.
  • The passenger seats are spacious with enough legroom compared to some of its main competitors.

4. It has spacious cargo space.

Most owners love this EV because of its incredibly spacious cargo space which makes a family road trip possible.

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5. Easy towing.

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro makes towing extremely easy. Additionally, you can use the Travel Assist when you are in tow mode.

6. You don’t need to look for your phone or keys to unlock the doors.

Most ID.4 owners love the fact that you don’t need to take the keys or phone out of the pocket to unlock the doors. 

When you walk up to the car when your keys are in your pocket it unlocks automatically.

7. The car looks great.

ID.4 looks great both in the interior and exterior. 

Additionally, because of its great exterior lighting, most people love how it looks in the dark, and also how well the VW logo illuminates in the dark.

8. You can set the cabin temperature through the CarNet app.

Most people appreciate the fact that you can turn on the AC through the CarNet app before getting in the car.

Apparently, unlike other features that have proven to be unreliable to most owners, this feature happens to work very well.

9. The price is great.

The price is a major concern among many EV buyers.

If you asked me, the car is totally worth the price.

Additionally, most owners agree that VolkswagenID.4 has a good value for the money with the tax rebate.

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In conclusion, the ID series is getting better and better every other day with both its new cars and software updates that come with improved user experiences.