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Recommended Tint For Tesla (Read This Before You Tint Your EV)

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Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Rose Morah

Tinting your car can help block sunlight glare, heat, and harmful UV rays.

If you are thinking of tinting your Tesla, you will find this article very helpful. It has some great tips to help you during the process.


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What tint percentage is recommended for your Tesla?

That will depend on:

  1. Why you want to tint the car

You may either want to tint the car to block light or heat.

So, the percentage and type of tint will mostly vary based on what you want to achieve from the tint.

For example, if you want to block heat you can have a clear tint and still manage to block it.

A ceramic tint also does a good job of blocking heat.

A good tint shop should be able to provide you with specs/information on different levels of tint.

  1. The color of the interior

The color of the interior plays a huge role in determining the tint percentage.

That means that a black interior will have a noticeable difference compared to a white one, depending on how dark you want the tint.

  1. Legal aspects

The percentage of tint will also depend on where you live.

For example, some states in the US have restrictions on how dark your tint should be. You may get pulled over by the police for having a very dark tint. 

Additionally, you may at times be asked to present a doctor’s note that explains why you need a darker tint.

  1. The level of sunlight blocking you are used to

Sometimes the level of sunlight blocking that you are already used to will also play a role in determining what works for you.

This means that it will vary for different individuals. For example, some may prefer 70% while others 30%, and e.t.c.

  1. The time of the day you drive most

If you mostly drive at night, then you may need to avoid a darker tint.

For example, a 15% to 30% tint may not seem dark until you drive when it’s very dark, like around 2 am.

You may also not see pedestrians crossing while driving on a poorly unlit street, or a deer in the middle of the road.

From experience, 70% tint on the windshield does not seriously impact night visibility and has no heat difference on our Tesla.

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Tint tips for your Tesla

  1. Make sure you shop or get someone with good experience to tint your EV

I have heard many stories of EV owners who had tints installed by inexperienced installers who ended up damaging their EVs. This is quite common among Tesla owners.

I’d recommend they show you pictures or videos of their previous work.

A good installer ought to know the steps needed to install tint on your EV. That’s because water may end up damaging the car’s computer system if it gets where it shouldn’t.
  1. Find out if the tint shop uses one or two pieces at the rear windshield

This is important because if they tint with two pieces at the rear windshield, it may leave an annoying seam.

We experienced this on one of our Teslas

  1. Find out the materials used and if they are of good quality

Some tint shops may use cheap material that is not of good quality. The negative effects of this is that it tends to fade, turn purple, and so.

Final word

If you want a good heat deflection, you may need to spend extra on a ceramic tint.

You will notice a huge difference, especially during the summer. 

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