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How To Check Tesla Battery Health/Battery Degradation In 2024

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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Rose Morah

Is there a way to check tesla battery health?

This is quite a contentious topic mainly because currently there’s no accurate way of determining the current Tesla battery capacity.

However, in this article, we will be discussing:

  • How to keep track of your Tesla battery degradation through 3rd party app.
  • How to check tesla battery health when buying a used Tesla.
  • Recommendations when buying a used Tesla.

How to check Tesla battery degradation through 3rd party app

Personally, I use the Stats app to help show me my Tesla battery health. I also use it to compare my phantom drain rate to other Tesla users. 

See the image below.

The Stats app is also able to give me more information such as:

  • My charging session history.
  • My Tesla tire pressure.
  • Rated and estimated range.
  • Driving efficiency.

Through the app, I’m also able to know when I should change my air filter,  rotate my tires, test my brake fluid, and check the AC.

I’d recommend the app to any Tesla owner. It does come with a free trial.

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How to check battery health when buying a used Tesla

If you are buying an old Tesla car, I highly recommend taking it to a Tesla service center to evaluate the battery and its general health.

However, if you are not near a service center, then I recommend charging it up to 100% (full charge) and checking the estimated range on the Tesla energy app. 

Next, test drive it and make sure that you cover more miles. This is to get a good idea of how far a single charge would take you, or how much energy you can get out of the battery pack.

Knowing the range of the used Tesla helps you figure out its battery health.

If it does not get you far when fully charged, then this might be a sign of severe battery degradation.

a). When test driving, make sure you are driving efficiently and not aggressively. This is to avoid draining the battery so fast which can hinder you from figuring out the range.

b). Cold weather and windy conditions affect the range. Therefore, you should take note of that when test driving.

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How to determine the Tesla range

Normally, the range displayed on the screen is the estimated range and not the actual range. 

However, the Tesla energy app is able to give you a more accurate range compared to the one that is on the display.

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Once you get to see the range on the energy app, compare it with the range that the car came with when new.

For instance, if you are buying a 2019 Model 3 that was rated for 310 miles and the Tesla energy app is currently reporting 280 miles, even after test driving it, that’s about 10% degradation.

This may not the most accurate way to determine Tesla battery degradation, but it is a good estimator.

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My recommendations when buying a Used Tesla

  1. If the used Tesla is still under the battery and drivetrain warranty, then it may not cost you a lot to get a new battery in case of battery degradation on the used car.

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  1. The Tesla energy app will give you a better idea of the range. Never rely on the EPA range on the display.