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Reasons Why Your Tesla Is Not Charging At Home (With Solutions)

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

You could be wondering why your Tesla is not charging at home and if other Tesla owners have encountered this.

Well, does it give you a “charging stopped” message on the screen?

Have you tried to manually hit the “start charging” button but still have not managed to get it to charge?

Does it charge well at the Supercharger but not at home? Or does it not charge both at the Supercharger and at home?

When charging at home does it keep restarting multiple times after charging only a few miles?

Or does it just stay blue and not charge when you insert the charger?

Well, this article will help provide different solutions to these Tesla charging issues based on our experiences and that of other Tesla owners.


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Reasons & solutions for your Tesla not charging

It could be a bug, especially if it happens after an update

  • Solution

Leave the charger plugged in and don’t touch it even if it tells you immediately that “charging stopped” with the blue light on.

Some Tesla owners who have experienced this problem said that the charging started approximately 5 minutes after they left the charger plugged in.

However, for some, the issue automatically went away after 2 days and the car started to charge. Not sure what caused it.

The problem could be the J1772 adaptor

  • Solution

Some Tesla owners who reported experiencing charging problems with their Tesla said to have solved it by replacing the J1772 adapter. 

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The problem could be the home charger (EVSE – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

  • Solution

Some Tesla owners who have installed ChargePoint home chargers reported experiencing charging problems but they solved it by:

  1. Calling ChargePoint customer service, who fixed the issue within minutes.
  2. Factory resetting and re-pairing it with the app. These Tesla owners experienced the issue after a power outage that affected ChargePoint. So they had to reset and re-pair it.

The Tesla internal charger might be partially broken

  • Solution

To verify that this is the problem, I recommend charging at lower amperage. You can start by reducing your amperage or try using a 110 adapter.

If the EV starts to charge, then the internal charger is what’s causing the problem. You will need to get it fixed.

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Something may have gotten stuck in the car’s charging port

  • Solution

To find out if this is what’s causing the problem, I recommend checking whether the charging handle goes all the way in.

If it doesn’t then this could be the cause of the charging issues on your Tesla.

It is also important to note that the plastic charging tip may break off and end up getting stuck in the car’s charging port, which ends up stopping the charging handle from going all the way in.

Check the amps

  • Solution

I recommend checking if the amps are set too high. This might be tripping the breaker, thus causing the Tesla charging issues.

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What if none of these solutions works?

You will need to take it to a Service Center.

If the car isn’t charging you can take it anytime to the Service Center.

All the best!