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Tesla Wall Connector VS Mobile Connector

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

Between the Tesla wall connector and mobile connector, which one should you buy?

Personally, I have used both the mobile connector and a Tesla wall connector to charge my Tesla. But to help you decide which one between the Tesla wall connector and the mobile connector you should get, here is what we are going to cover:

  • What type of buyer should get the Tesla wall connector?
  • What type of buyer should get the mobile connector?

Note: The mobile connector will not come as a standard accessory with new Tesla purchases. See the below tweet by Elon.

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What type of buyers should get the Tesla wall connector?

1. Buyers who want to get higher charging speeds

The wall connector gives you fast charging speeds compared to the mobile connector. But is the charging difference that noticeable?

Yes. From experience, I get about 25% fast charge rates when using the wall connector compared to the mobile connector. 

The 25% difference is because the mobile connector charges at 32A max while my wall connector charges at 40A max.

See the charging speeds in the table below:

Image Credit: Tesla.com

2. Buyers who want to take advantage of the off-peak charging rates

If your utility company has off-peak charging rates, then the wall connector would be worth it, since you can use it to fast charge your Tesla within the period when electricity is much cheaper.

3. Buyers who will be charging their Tesla outdoors when home charging

If you will be charging your Tesla outdoors (outside your house), then a wall connector is worth it compared to the mobile connector, because it is a hardwire installation that is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. 

That said, it can handle extreme temperatures like extreme heat and cold when charging your Tesla outdoors.

4. Buyers who plan to have more than one Tesla in the future

The Tesla wall connector will be the best choice compared to the mobile connector if you plan on getting more than one Tesla in the future, because of the power-sharing feature.

Power sharing allows you to charge more than one vehicle at once and the power is intelligently distributed between the EVs.


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What type of buyer should get the mobile connector?

1 Model 3 RWD buyers

If you have the Model 3 RWD (rear-wheel drive), that means that you cannot charge faster than 32amp.

That’s because the Model 3 RWD onboard charger capability is 7.7kW (32 amp), which means that getting a wall connector for more charging speeds may not be worth it.

Image Credit: Tesla.com
I used the Mobile Connector for 3 years with a 14-50 plug. During this period I never needed the extra watts that come with the wall connector. 

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2. Those who like charging overnight

When using the mobile connector, you will still get a full charge when charging your Tesla overnight. 

3. Buyers who prefer versatility over everything else

According to most Tesla owners, the versatility of the mobile connector outweighs the benefits that the wall connector comes with.

That’s because, with the mobile connector, you have a variety of plugs to choose from.

Additionally, you can buy a kit that comes with different adapters, or just buy only the adapters that you need (changeable adapters) for use with the mobile connector.

4. People who love going on road trips

The mobile connector gives you lots of charging options when going on a road trip, especially a camping trip.

This is because you can use it as a backup when charging at campgrounds, at an Airbnb, or at cottages/remote houses.

Additionally, you can use it when road tripping in places with fewer Superchargers and in case of emergencies.

Note: You will need to buy the J1772 adapter to use at non-tesla chargers. 

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5. Buyers who are looking for a cheaper option

Currently (Jan 2023), the mobile connector goes for $230, and the wall connector is $425. That’s $195 cheaper than the wall connector.

Summary of the advantages of Tesla wall connector vs mobile connector

Tesla Wall ConnectorTesla Mobile Connector
1.You get high charging speeds.Can charge a Tesla to a full charge when charging overnight.
2.Cannot be used in case of emergencies.Great for emergencies.
3.Great for charging both indoors and outdoors charging.Great for indoor charging.
4.It is expensive compared to the mobile connector.It is cheaper compared to the wall connector.
5.A great option for people with more than one EV (or who plan to add more EVs in the future).Great for people who have one Tesla.
6.You get firmware updates.You can use it with different adapters.

Final word

I highly recommend ordering your preferred Tesla charger together with your Tesla. 

This is because when ordered separately, it may take longer to receive them because they are constantly out of stock and might take longer to be back in stock.

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