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Tesla Delivery Checklist: Model 3 & Y (Download Available)

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Rose Morah

A delivery checklist will definitely make your delivery day smooth because you know what and where to examine when picking up your Tesla.

If you are wondering what to check while taking delivery of your new Tesla, this article provides a must-have Tesla delivery checklist.

But before we dive into that, let’s first find out:

  1. What to do if you find issues with the car

It depends on the severity of the problem. If you find that the car has got minor issues, you can accept delivery and then set up an appointment with a service center to fix the issues after the delivery. 

  1. When to refuse delivery of the Tesla

From experience, you need to refuse delivery if;

  • You find that the car has so many issues or isn’t functional.
  • You spot a problem(s) that you suspect are a result of other underlying issues.

For example, problems caused by a terrible misalignment of the Tesla.

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Tesla Delivery Checklist for Model 3 & Y

(You can also download this checklist in PDF format below)

Model 3 & Y Delivery ChecklistYES?NO?
What to check before inspecting the car
1.Does your VIN match your paperwork?

NOTE: If your VIN does not match your paperwork, that could be the wrong car.
2.Does the Tesla have the right interior and exterior color?
3.Depending on your location, do you have a Tesla License plate and a front license plate mount?
Exterior Inspection Checklist
4. Does the car have paint issues, such as deep scratches or 
5.Do you see any panel gaps? 

This is usually common at the frunk, trunk, and front and rear bumper lines.

NOTE: If you notice wide panel gaps around these areas, that could mean that the car was not aligned properly. 

You need to take it back to the service center so they can do a proper alignment.
6.Do the lights and headlights have any condensation? 

If they do, then they definitely should be replaced.
7.Does the glass roof have any cracks, chips, or any other issues like a glass roof misalignment?
8.Do the frunk and trunk open and close properly?

NOTE: Do not apply force when closing the frunk. Also, listen keenly for any weird noise when you open and close them.
9.Do the wheels have curb rash?
10.Do all the tires have valve stems?
11.Are the headlights properly installed or are they sticking out?

You can compare the headlights to identify the differences.
12.Does the charge port door move freely and flush?

NOTE: Colors to expect when you plug in the charger;
White – ready to charge.
Blue – working.
Green – Charging.
Red – error.

Interior Inspection Checklist
12.Do all the doors open and close properly?

NOTE: If the door is kind of difficult to close, then that could be a sign of misalignment. 
13.Are the interior panels and the weather strippings installed properly?

NOTE: If they are not installed properly, then you may notice that they are either misaligned or sticking out.
14.Do the seats have smudges, big scuffs, or tears?
15.Do the seatbelts work properly?
16.Do all the functions of the driver’s seat and passenger seat work properly?

Be sure to tilt it forward and back and also forward and reverse the seats.
17.Are the rear seats aligned properly?

You should also check if the rear seats have alignment issues by dropping them down.
18.Do the door switches work properly? 

Check if the individual door switches work properly.
19.Do the windows roll down and up properly?
20.Do the wipers work properly?

Be on the lookout for any noise sound. If you do hear any, check carefully if it is rubbing against the hood.

Note: If that’s the case, then this might damage the hood and paint around that area.
21.Do the side mirrors make a crackling noise when they fold and unfold?

To check, go to Controls and tap on mirrors, then press fold and unfold.
Note: This may be a sign that something is wrong or broken.
22.Does the tailgate latch on?
23.Is the air conditioning working properly?

NOTE: If you hear strange noises then something could be wrong.
24.Are the interior lights working properly?

Turn them on and off. You can also let them stay on for some time as you inspect other things in the interior.
25.Is the latest software version installed?

To check, go to controls then software, and scroll to the bottom.
26.Do the hazards work properly?

NOTE: Make sure that all four corners are blinking.

Also test the turn signal, park light, brake light, reverse light, headlight, fog light, and high beam.
27.If you ordered a charging kit for your Tesla, check if it is in the trunk. 

If it’s a mobile connector, open the bag and check if everything is there.

Download and print the checklist (PDF format).

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How long does it take for Tesla to fix the issues on the new car?

From experience, it usually depends on the severity of the issue and your service center.

You will find that some issues will be fixed on time but some may take time, especially if the car has terrible misalignment.

How long is the pickup process on delivery day?

The pickup process when picking up from the dealership used to be 30 to 60 minutes before the pandemic hit, but it’s now less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, it will also depend on the pickup location.

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In conclusion

When inspecting the new Tesla don’t be afraid to ask any questions in case you are unsure of anything. They are there to help!

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