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Used Tesla Delivery Checklist (Inspecting A Used Tesla) Download Available

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Rose Morah

You’ve found a good used Tesla to buy. But before you proceed to accept the delivery, there are important things you will need to inspect on the used Tesla.

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The following are the things you will need to include in your used Tesla delivery checklist:

(You can also download and print this checklist in PDF format below)

Used Tesla ChecklistYES?NO?
1.Does the VIN number match the car?
2.Are you getting any warranty from the used Tesla?

NOTE: It is also important to know what warrant you are getting. This is because if you do notice any issues with the used Tesla, you will be able to know if the warranty will take care of them or not.

Also, check if it will expire soon before you are able to have everything fixed.

You can find that on the Tesla app. Scroll to the bottom for specs and warranty. This will show you the active warranties and when it expires.
3.Does the battery have any damages, punctures, or dents?

NOTE: If you do spot any of that, then that might be a sign that the car hasn’t been well taken care of.
4.Does the key card/key fob work?

NOTE: If the key card doesn’t work, then it might be the wrong key card.

Additionally, this may end up being an extra cost to you. So, be sure to take note or use it to negotiate the price.
Exterior Inspection Checklist
5.Is the car paint in good condition?
6.Do the windshield and glasses have any issues, such as cracks?

If it does, this will end up costing you extra.
Be sure to check from inside the car so you do not miss any issues.
7.Do the tires have good tire tread depth?
8.Do you see any misalignments at the doors, hood, and trunk?
9.Do the frunk and the trunk open and close properly without any noise and latching properly?
10.Is there condensation in the lights?
11.Are all the exterior lights working properly?
12.Does the charge port door move freely without any issues?
13.Is the Tesla charging properly and charger latching without any problem? 
White – ready to charge.
Blue – working.
Green – Charging.
Red – error.
14.Do the windshield wipers work well?

Look out for any funny sounds.
Interior Inspection Checklist
15.Are all the doors opening and closing properly?
16.Do all the windows roll up and down properly?
17.Do the seats go in and out smoothly, especially for Model X? 

Also, listen keenly for any crackling sound.
18.Do you see any screen discoloration, bubbles, or yellow border on the infotainment?
19.Are the AC and heaters working properly?
20.Are all the speakers activating and working properly?
21.Do all the cameras have good visibility?
22.Are all the USB outlets working?
23.Does the 12 DC receptacle have power?

You can plug in your USB-C or USB-A to confirm.

Download the used Tesla delivery checklist.

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Final Word

You can buy a used car with issues that can be fixed under the warranty. However, it is important to find out if the problem can be fully fixed.

For example, we had a Tesla that had a terrible misalignment issue that could not be fully fixed. 

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