7 Best Charging Apps For Nissan Leaf

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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

Nissan Leaf’s official app is usually not the best charging app when compared to other 3rd party EV charging apps.

Relying on the Nissan Leaf’s official app has always been a challenge for most Nissan Leaf owners when it comes to finding chargers.

Fortunately, there are 3rd party apps that are more reliable than the Nissan Leaf app.

This article has covered the best 3rd party charging apps for Nissan leaf, both in the U.S and in Europe.

Best charging apps for Nissan Leaf in the US

1. PlugShare

PlugShare is one of the best charging apps preferred by a majority of EV owners because of the following reasons:

  1. You can filter your charging option based on the plug type

There’s nothing as frustrating as stopping at a charging station but only to realize that the plug type is not compatible with your EV.

Fortunately, PlugShare has the filter option that allows you to filter the EV chargers on your location or route based on your Nissan Leaf’s plug type.

You can filter the plug type on PlugShare to:

i). CHAdeMO.

ii). J-1772.

III). Type 2.

iv). Wall (BS1363).

  1. You can choose your preferred charging network

If you prefer charging your Nissan Leaf on certain charging networks, then on PlugShare you can easily filter the charging stations based on your preferred charging network.

  1. It is easy to find charging stops that have your desired amenities

You can easily filter the public EV chargers on Plugshare to those that have the following amenities:

a). Hotel/Lodging.

b). Restroom.

c). Dining.

d). Shopping.

e). Grocery.

f). Park.

g). Wi-Fi.

h). EV Parking.

i). Valet.

  1. You can find free public chargers on PlugShare

You are able to filter the charging stops to show locations that offer free EV charging, and locations that will require payments.

  1. It helps you avoid EV public chargers that are not available

This is a great feature that helps you save time. By filtering the public chargers you are able to avoid unavailable chargers.

  1. You can choose where you prefer to charge based on the location of the charger

PlugShare allows you to filter the public EV chargers to show you whether they are in a restricted or residential location.

  1. It gives you access to other features

PlugShare will give you access to their trip planner which will enable you to plan a trip with realistic charge stops. Additionally, you will enjoy other features like real-time traffic and so much more on the app.

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2. A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

A better route planner (ABRP) is another great charging app that Nissan Leaf owners can take advantage of.

ABRP is the best charging app if you want to take your Nissan Leaf on a road trip. 

This is because it will give you close to accurate charging information when driving and planning a route.

The following are the main features of ABRP

  • You can either choose between a route that has more charging stops with short-distance driving or fewer charging stops with long-distance driving.
  • You can choose the charging plugs that your Nissan Leaf supports and the adapters that you have.
  • If you prefer a specific charging network or want to avoid a charging network you can filter them.
  • You can turn on the “real-time charger availability” to see which chargers are busy and which ones are available.
  • You can filter your charging stops based on your preferred minimum charging stalls.
  • You can add the minimum percentage of charge (SoC) for your final destination
  • You can add the minimum percentage of charge (SoC) that you prefer to arrive with at your charging stops and waypoints. 
  • You can also add the maximum SoC when charging.
  • ABRP has real-time traffic speeds.
  • You can add your Nissan Leaf’s battery degradation to help the app plan a realistic and almost accurate charging plan.

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  • ABRP allows you to plan your charging stops based on the road conditions such as dry roads, rain or snow, heavy rain or snow, wind, and real-time weather. 
  • On ABRP, you can also choose to avoid charging routes that have tolls, ferries and car trains, highways, and country borders.

NOTE:  Better Route Planner (ABRP) can also be used by Nissan Leaf owners located in some European countries.

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Best charging apps for Nissan Leaf in Europe

3. Zap-Map

Zap-Map is the best route planner mostly for Ev owners living in the Uk and Ireland. 

It allows you to find nearby EV public chargers. You can also use it as an EV route planner when planning your charge stops on a road trip.

The following are the main features of Zap-map

  • It shows you the state of the public charger. For example, is it available to use, are there any issues reported or is it out of service?
  • You can choose the type of connectors that you prefer for charging your Nissan Leaf.

You can filter the connectors on Zap-map to;

a). CHAdeMo.

b). Type 1.

c). Type 2/Tesla.

d). 3 pin.

e). CCS.

F). Hydrogen.

  • You can also filter the public chargers based on your preferred charging speeds.

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4. ChargePoint

ChargePoint has an EV charging network and an app that allows you to find places to charge your Nissan Leaf worldwide.

The following are some of the best features of the ChargePoint charging app:

  • It can find real-time open charging stops. 
  • You can search your chargers based on the charging price and speeds.

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Other recommended charging apps for Nissan Leaf in Europe

5. PlugSurfing

6. Volta

7. Shell Recharge