Discount Tire VS Costco (Everything You Need to Know!)

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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Rose Morah

This article will point out the main differences between Costco and Discount Tire to help you with your next tire purchase.

We will cover the price differences as well as other factors to consider when buying a tire from Costco and Discount Tire.

The following are the main differences between Costco and Discount Tire:

1.Installation FeeYESYES
(Offer certificates)
5.A wider selection of tiresNOYES

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Both Discount tire and Costco offer free services. However, their differences may come in when you blow out a tire or cut a tire. 

1.Inflate tires with nitrogen.
Nitrogen is known to retain the tire pressure longer compared to air.
Inflate tires with air.
2.Free tire inspection
(Check your tires for damage, uneven treadwear, punctures, leaks, or any other issues)
Free tire inspection
(Check your tires for damage, uneven treadwear, punctures, leaks, or any other issues)
3Lifetime Rotation, Balancing, and Flat repair which is covered by the installation fee. Free flat repair.
They will repair for free a punctured, flat, or low tire.
Free lifetime Balancing and Rotation.
Free prorated road hazard coverage

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The prices of Costco and Discount Tire vary depending on your personal needs.

It may be cheap to purchase a Costco tire than a Discount Tire (certificates included).

However, if you are not interested in the Discount Certificates the prices will almost match. Discount certificates are optional but the downside is that the tire will not be covered.

Many people prefer Costco mainly because their warranty will cover the tire almost equally as the Discount Tire Certificates at no extra cost. I would say, this boils down to the customer’s preference.

Both of these tire companies charge a one-time installation fee.

Costco charges a tire installation fee of $18.99 per tire, which is included when purchasing a tire. This fee covers the following services:

  • Mounting.
  • New Rubber Valve Stem.
  • Lifetime Rotation.
  • Lifetime Balancing.
  • Lifetime Flat Repair.
  • Lifetime Air Pressure Checks.
  • Costco Wholesale’s Road Hazard Warranty.


Discount Tire does not require any membership but for Costco, you have to pay for membership.

Costco allows you to choose between personal membership and business membership. 

It has two types of personal membership:

  • Executive – $120/Year plus applicable sales tax.
  • Gold Star – $60/Year plus applicable sales tax

On Executive, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Costco Services Discount.
  • Get 2 membership cards. For you and another person e.g wife.
  • 2% Annual Reward.
  • Shop online and in warehouses.
  • Get Costco Connection Magazine.

Gold Star membership benefits include:

  • 2 Membership Cards. For you and another person e.g wife


Costco offers a warranty to their customers, but Discount Tires doesn’t. However, Discount Tires sell Certificates for repair, refund, or replacement.

How Discount Tire Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement works.

The certificate covers tire problems (such as tire defects, and non-repairable road hazards) on tires that were purchased in less than 3 years, or still have 3/32” remaining across the tire. 

Once you purchase the certificate, you are eligible for a refund of your full purchase price of the tire, including the sales tax.

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Additionally, you are given an option to purchase the same new tire or a comparable tire at the refund price.

Costco offers the following warranty:

  • Road hazard.
  • Mileage.
  • Manufacturer’s defects warranty.
NOTE: This is not available for all tires.

Costco Road Hazard Warranty

Costo offers a 5-year Road Hazard Warranty to all passengers, light trucks, and performance tires.

Here’s what’s covered by this warranty:

  • “Road hazard failure” – this is if the tire gets non-repairable impact damage, cuts, or punctures making it unserviceable.
  • The warranty is valid for only 60 months from the original date of purchase or until the tire reaches 1.6 mm or less of the remaining tread depth.

For more details on what’s covered and the conditions for the warranty, check out the Costco website.

The following table shows a comparison between Costco Warranty and Discount Tire Certificates:

Discount Tire CertificatesCostco Warranty
1.Cover any tire, regardless of the model or make.Does not cover all vehicles and tires.
2.Covers down to 3/32” of wear. Additionally, if the tire can’t be repaired, they give you a replacement.Does not cover all vehicles and/and tires.
3.There are no disqualifications or prorating for any reason.
4.Do not require mileage adjustments.

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Costco is located all over the US, unlike Discount Tire.

Therefore, if you’re planning to travel it is important to check if they are available in the area you intend to go.


Costco does not offer customer financing but Discount Tire does, through their credit card.

Here are some benefits of purchasing a tire using a Discount Tire credit card:

You will not be charged any interest if you pay in full within 6, 9, or 12 months depending on the purchase price.

Total Amount FinancedPayoff Period
$199 to $999.996 months
$1000 to $1499.999 months
$1500 or greater12 months

The credit card does not have an annual fee.


Discount Tires have a wider selection of tires and wheels compared to Costco tires which only have a few. 

Costco mainly deals with three major manufacturers: Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear while Discount Tires has a wider variety of tire manufacturers.